interactive tablet design
oakland univertsity alumni digital magazine

This interactive digital magazine was created for a special topics journalism/communications course at Oakland University. During the semester, 11 journalism and communications students wrote stories and captured photos and video of 62 OU alum around Michigan and the United States. The class traveled around the country to California, Arizona, Illinois, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Washington D.C. to create the content for the project.

While the team was writing stories and taking photos, I worked on the design and user interface for the magazine. The project was designed in InDesign using Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite to allow for audio and video embedding to enhance the user experience.

The magazine features some fascinating alumni from a furniture and cabinetry maker in Pittsburgh to an olive oil business owner in Pasadena. Oakland has a lot to offer and it was a fun experience to see where so many people ended up. I presented the project with two other students from the class, Kelli Titus and Shelby Jouppi, to some members of OU's administration and alumni association.

The magazine featuring 12 of these alumni stories can be downloaded here on the App Store.