information design, gallery exhibit
10,080, senior thesis exibition

"10,080" was my senior thesis at Oakland University. It is an information design exhibit that explores how people spend their time with the central idea being that we all spend pieces of our time connecting, progressing and creating stability in our lives. Balancing how it’s divided, however, is driven by people's perceived value of time and our diverse lifestyles. Sometimes we do things out of necessity and other times preference. Some people have more control over that decision than others, but one thing that we all have in common is we have the same amount of time β€” 10,080 minutes per week.

Based on that concept, I talked to four Michigan business owners who were willing to be part of my project/experiment, and track how they spent their time over a one-week period. From the data I collected, I created 4 life-size portraits of each individual based on the results. Each minute of time was given a shape and color and through the layers, each person's full portrait of 10,080 pieces – or 10,080 minutes – was created.

Each year, the Oakland University Art Gallery hosts two senior thesis showcases. During the rest of the season, the gallery brings renowned artists to campus from across the world.